The Most Awkward Halloween Costumes Ever

You thought your botched KISS costume that made you look like an anemic drag queen was bad? Guess again and take a look at this collection of the most awkward Halloween costumes ever:

Awkward Halloween Costumes Cat Burglar

Credit: iVillage

The cat burglar costume: what some might call clever, others might deem animal cruelty and/or child abuse.

Awkward Halloween Farm Animals

Credit: iVillage

Somehow I doubt these people would sport these ensembles to many Halloween parties, though mainly because they wouldn’t be invited to any.

Awkward Halloween Dad

Credit: Tumblr

These children must have so many questions.

Awkward Halloween Doughboy

Credit: Awkward Family Photos

Unfortunately for him, the doughboy costume could have been understood without the makeup or white clothing.

Awkward Halloween Duck

Credit: iVillage


Awkward Halloween Costumes Fairies

Credit: imgur

Moments after this photo was taken, Child Services swept the tot from the unsavory sprite.

Awkward Halloween Giraffes

Credit: Awkward Family Photos

Viva the Midwest.

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