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30 Cataclysmically Awkward Moments On Facebook

The great thing about social media is it cradles our inherent impulsivity. The impulsivity often leads to… well, let’s just say not the smartest decisions. Lucky for us, screen shots exist, so you can enjoy thirty not so great decisions with these hilariously awkward moments on Facebook:

The Heartbroken 6th Grader

The Heartbroken 6th Grader

He’s Putting It All Out There

Mustache Rides

Awkward Moments On Facebook: Mom To The Rescue

Mom To The Rescue

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The 40 Dumbest Things To Ever Happen On Facebook

There are always those days when you get bamboozled by a door that should be pushed instead of pulled and leave a big chunk of aluminum foil in the microwave. But even at your worst, you are nowhere near as bad as the simpletons below. Enjoy a laugh and a wince at the forty dumbest things to ever happen on Facebook:

Future Darwin Award Winner

Dumbest Things On Facebook

Gee, I Wonder Why?!?

Dumbest Things On Facebook SATs

So Natural It Hurts

All Natural

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The 50 Most Ridiculous Facebook Posts Ever

From the awkward to hilarious fails to the absurdly stupid, we’ve spent a lot of time documenting the hilarious things that go on Facebook. And with over 1 billion users, it’s not what could go wrong, it’s what won’t go wrong. Without further adieu, we present the most ridiculous Facebook posts ever:

Luckily, He Was Still Up

Hilarious Facebook Post Bagpipes

Legend Of The Epic Wingman

Facebook Story Of The Epic Wingman

A Whole Cake Does Seem Reasonable

Funny Facebook Posts Cake

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The 25 Funniest Facebook Photos Ever

Facebook: A source of comedy, tragedy, pain and pleasure. Constant annoyance and entertainment. A live stream of future regret. Here are 25 people who weren’t very careful about what they shared with the world, resulting in the funniest Facebook photos ever:

Funniest Facebook Photos Ever: Giraffe Sex Photobomb

Funniest Facebook Photos Ever Giraffe Sex

Not Even Close

Fan Facebook Picture

Check The Background Of Your Selfie!

Selfie Facebook Fail

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