The 100 Best SomeEcards For Every Situation

From anniversaries and birthdays to uncomfortable romances, SomeEcards can cover literally every situation in the book in a delightfully sarcastic manner. Luckily, we’ve compiled quite the perfect collection and so we present the 100 best SomeEcards for every situation:

The Best SomeEcards: Love & Relationships

What Love Is Like Ecard

I'm Lost And Weird Without You Someecard

The Terror Of Landlines Funny SomeEcards

Love Is Not Killing Someone

How I Deserve To Be Treated

Sex With Guys

Love Trying To Not Have Sex

Premarital Sex

I Love You Ecard

I Miss Telling You I Need Space

Love Nobody Makes Me Less Unhappy

SomeEcards Love Is Holding Farts

Real Fulfilling Love Ecard

Let's Not Complicate Our Relationship Ecard

Walking After Sex

Someecards Apologizing After Arguments

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