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The Best Of The College Freshmen Meme

With Fall fast approaching and hordes of blissfully unaware 18 year olds heading off to college, we felt it was important to revisit the College Freshman meme. And so we present the twentybest College Freshmen memes:

College Freshmen Meme Good Beer

College Freshman Asks Stupid Questions

College Freshmen Meme Marijuana

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The Fledgling Frosh: The Hilarious College Freshman Meme

As previously investigated on Runt of the Web, the College Freshman is an adorable creature who is just learning to spread his wings in the great wide world. With this transition comes some bumps in the road, some hilarious, some absurd, and some that just make you shake your head and ask ‘why’. And so we present, the College Freshman meme:

College Freshman Meme Fails At Cooking

College Freshman Thinks He's Independent

College Freshman Meme Terrible Beer

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A Hollow Shell Of Humanity: College Freshwoman Meme

College Freshwoman, daughter of High-Expectations Asian Father and Sheltering Suburban Mom, and sister and peer of College Freshman, is the epitome of unprepared for life on her own. Full of her parents money and a lifetime of soft-landings and parental supervision, college becomes a day camp for the rich and lazy. And so we present, the College Freshwoman meme:

College Freshwoman Meme Has a Hard Semester Of Classes

College Freshwoman Meme Needs More Money

College Freshwoman Has Parents Call School

College Freshwoman Meme Is A Classy Woman

Freshwoman Meme Complains About Being Tired

Female College Freshman Thinks Guys Are Pigs

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Part Two: The Callow College Freshman

As we found out in a previous installment of the College Freshman, living on your own after being raised in a sheltered environment — probably by Sheltering Suburban Mom — can be difficult and stressful. New stimuli and responsibilities, like beer and cleaning up after oneself, become too much to handle. Before they know it, the College Freshman has blown through his college allowance in half of a semester, with only having pizza and barf stains to show for it. And so we present the second part of the College Freshman:

College Freshman Finally Free From Parents

College Freshman Ramen For Life Sent From iPad

College Freshman Just Touched A Girl

College Freshman Takes Adderall Beats Video Games

College Freshman Friends With All The Seniors

College Freshman Chicken Nugget Night!

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