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PBH Network’s Weekly Rundown

5. The Best SomeEcards About Drinking and Going Out


Nothing gets a Friday going like a SomeEcard sent to all your Facebook friends.

4. The Best Theories on Everything: Vol 3


The third installment of our best theories on everything series offers up even more doozies for your consumption.

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The Best PBH Network Has To Offer This Week

5. Corgi Puppy Versus a Piece of Ice


Corgis are never not cute, especially in puppy form. So really there’s nothing better than kicking back and enjoying a corgi do just about anything…including fight with some ice.

4. Defining Secessionists


The jokes write themselves, folks. “SECDEE” indeed.

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Nine Pictures Of Puppies Yawning

Because it’s Tuesday and you’d be miserable without these nine adorable pictures of puppies yawning:

Cute Dog Yawn Photo

Four Puppies Yawning

Adorable Puppy Yawning

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Most Adorable Animal Ever Identified: Baby Hedgehogs

I think I have found the cutest animal ever. It is these baby hedgehogs, and apparently lots of people keep them as pets. Behold, adorable photograph evidence:

Baby Hedgehogs Photo

Baby Hedgehog or Koosh Ball

Adorable Hedgehog Photographs

Hedgehog or Koosh Ball Picture

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