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The World’s Most Stoned Looking Pets

Sometimes pets just do it better, even faking their highs. And besides, looking at a picture that screams “dachshund that smoked a doobie” is almost as fun as saying it. Here are the world’s most stoned looking pets:

Stoned Pets Lab

Stoned Looking Pets Dogs

Stoned Looking Pets Cat

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The Blazed Brilliance Of 10 Guy

Ah, to be so young and so high! Rather than enjoy a calm high, 10 Guy insists on pushing the limits of common sense by going a few dozen tokes over the line. 10 Guy is the guy who, instead of hitting the brakes when he became Conspiracy Keanu, decided to take another gigantic bong hit and accelerate right off the cliff into nonsense land. And so we present the 10 Guy meme:

10 Guy Meme Music

Ten Guy Meme Hands

10 Guy Meme Subway

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Conspiracy Keanu: Rise Of The Paranoid Pothead

Last week we published a post on Conspiracy Keanu, the stoner sage and conspiracy theorist who somehow just knew after getting high. Turns out Conspiracy Keanu resonated with a lot of people — you either knew him or were him. And so we present another mind-blowing round of Conspiracy Keanu:

Conspiracy Keanu Earth As Reality TV

Keanu Santa Is real

Conspiracy Keanu Meme Government Is Idiots

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Conspiracy Keanu: Tales Of The Stoner Sage

We’ve all been there: you’re a trouble-making teenager taking your first bong rip with a circle of friends while skipping algebra. After everyone has been satiated, a transformation takes place. Suddenly, one of your friends has figured out the entire freaking world and has no choice but to elucidate his new-found wisdom to the crowd. And so we introduce Conspiracy Keanu, the sage of stoners:

Conspiracy Keanu Meme Seeing Blue

Keanu Meme Earth is Atlantis

Conspiracy Keanu Meme

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