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Seven Hilarious Honest Valentine’s Cards

Redditor mamba_79 had a hilarious idea: take an overly-sentimental idea (a Valentine’s Day card) and mix it with the sort-of-joking, sort-of-serious realities of long-term relationships. Voila, these hilarious honest Valentine’s cards were born:

Honest Valentine's Cards

Stronger Financially

Honest Valentine's Cards Running Out Of Options

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The 100 Best SomeEcards For Every Situation

From anniversaries and birthdays to uncomfortable romances, SomeEcards can cover literally every situation in the book in a delightfully sarcastic manner. Luckily, we’ve compiled quite the perfect collection and so we present the 100 best SomeEcards for every situation:

The Best SomeEcards: Love & Relationships

What Love Is Like Ecard

I'm Lost And Weird Without You Someecard

The Terror Of Landlines Funny SomeEcards

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The 26 Best Dump Ecards

Our friends at DumpaDay had a magnificent idea: let’s take SomeEcards and make them better! And so the terrifically hilarious Dump Ecards were born. To celebrate this new development, Runt of the Web presents the 26 best Dump Ecards:

Dump Ecards Be Yourself Is The Worst Advice

430 BC

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The Best SomeEcards About Drinking & Going Out

We’re big fans of SomeEcards at Runt of the Web. We already did a wrap up on the funniest SomeEcards of 2012 and now we turn attention to the ecards dedicated to your typical weekend of drinking and subsequent drinking-related regret. We compiled the best SomeEcards about drinking and going out below:

Someecards About Drinking And Going Out What Happened Last Night

Someecards About Drinking Outdoors

Someecards Drinking Liver Workweek

Someecards Regret Everything

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