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The Weekly Round Up

Welcome back to another edition of “Stop Clock-watching and Chill With Us For a Little While.” Happy Friday, y’all.

5. Romney Gump


This has the potential for meme-dom, don’t you think? Get crackin’, readers!

4. The Office Thoughts Meme


We hope this meme isn’t too meta for you right now. But seriously, the four surrounding cubicles heard that, and you’re not getting away with it.

3. The Sublime Veil Nebula


The landing of the Mars Curiosity Rover has us all looking up lately, and what we’re seeing is stunning.

2. How to Prank Your Wife on the Highway


Cruel? Yes. Uncalled for? Maybe. Utterly hilarious because it’s not us? Absolutely.

1. Back Away from the Child


Personally, I wouldn’t want to take that dream away from the kid.

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The Ten Most Hilarious Rage Comics Ever

Some of the best things in life come in 10′s: the number of dimes in a dollar, commandments, digits in a phone number and hot dog buns in a single package. Now add to that list the ideal number of rage comics for you to laugh at:

Trolling Parents

Hilarious Rage Comics Trolling Parents

Synonym Of Synonym?!

Synonym of Synonyms Comic

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13 Hilarious Classic Rage Comics

The rage comic has come a long way. Once just four panels on the annoyances of everyday life, you’ll now find rage comics about marijuana to the troll dad. Sometimes though, simplicity is the key to humor, and so we present thirteen hilarious classic rage comics:

Classic Rage Comics: Butter On Toast Rage

Classic Rage Comics Butter On Toast Rage

Camp Fire Rage

Classic Rage Comics Camp Fire Rage

1990s CD Burning Rage

Rage Comics 1990s CD Burning Rage

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The Funniest Troll Dad Rage Comics

Oh, the Troll Dad. As previously explored on ROTW, Troll Dad is the dad you love to hate (or in this case, hate to love). He’s conniving, wily, and worst of all, great at making you look like a complete ass. In celebration, here are the funniest troll dad rage comics:

Troll Dad points out the obvious

Troll Dad Trolls Mom

Troll Dad’s secret

Troll Dad Rage Comics

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