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The 100 Best SomeEcards For Every Situation

From anniversaries and birthdays to uncomfortable romances, SomeEcards can cover literally every situation in the book in a delightfully sarcastic manner. Luckily, we’ve compiled quite the perfect collection and so we present the 100 best SomeEcards for every situation:

The Best SomeEcards: Love & Relationships

What Love Is Like Ecard

I'm Lost And Weird Without You Someecard

The Terror Of Landlines Funny SomeEcards

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The 40 Most Hilarious SomeEcards Ever

Sarcastic, cruel, and downright hilarious, SomeEcards is our favorite way of conveying all the internal thoughts we have that can’t quite be shared with the outside world. For your enjoyment, we present the most hilarious SomeEcards ever: (all images below via

Hilarious SomeEcards Anything Steve Jobs Makes

Hilarious SomeEcards Embarrassed What I've Done For A Klondike Bar

Hilarious SomeEcards Normal Behavior Is Inappropriate

Hilarious SomeEcards Tone In Email

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The 20 Best SomeEcards About Love & Relationships

Ah, love, dating, and relationships — the point of pain for so many. Luckily, SomeEcards can perfectly describe your feelings in a hilariously sarcastic way that makes you feel awful yet makes you laugh at the same time. And so we present the 20 best SomeEcards about love and relationships:

Best Relationship Love Someecards One Of Us Is Right

Best Relationship Love Someecards Dating Pyschopath

Best Relationship Love Someecards Snow Monkeys

Best SomeEcards Love Sleeping With The Same Person

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The Best SomeEcards About Drinking & Going Out

We’re big fans of SomeEcards at Runt of the Web. We already did a wrap up on the funniest SomeEcards of 2012 and now we turn attention to the ecards dedicated to your typical weekend of drinking and subsequent drinking-related regret. We compiled the best SomeEcards about drinking and going out below:

Someecards About Drinking And Going Out What Happened Last Night

Someecards About Drinking Outdoors

Someecards Drinking Liver Workweek

Someecards Regret Everything

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