The Worst Of The Best: First World Problems

So you were lucky enough to be born into the confines of a developed country, enjoying a relatively easy life in comparison to thousands of years of human toil and misery. Maybe sometimes you even think about how truly lucky you are in comparison to how a majority of people live in the world currently. And yet… there are always those nagging little problems that manage to turn your little world upside down. And so we present, first world problems:

The Internet Is Out (What Do I Do!)

First World Problems Internets Out

Bed Corners

First World Problems Bed Corner Sheets

Having “Nothing” To Eat

First World Problems Having Nothing To Eat

My Yachts Too Big!

First World Problems Yacht Is Too Big

3 First World Problems In One (Starbucks + iPad + Dietary Choices)

First World Problems Facebook Starbucks iPad

The Inedible End Of Bread

First World Problem End Of Bread Loaf

First World Problems: Wet Paper Towels

First World Problem Wet Paper Towels

The Wrong Muffin

First World Problem The Wrong Muffin

My Bed Is Too Comfortable

First World Problem Bed is Too Comfortable

You Did WHAT To My Seat?

First World Problem Mercedes Seat

And The Ultimate First World Problem: What Do I Do With This One Dollar Bill?!

First World Problem Puff Daddy with Money

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Alec is the co-founder of the PBH Network and is on the road to court-mandated recovery after being arrested for defecating in James Franco's koi pond.

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