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Literally Unbelievable: 30 People Who Think The Onion Is Real

You remember that one time you woke up on the wrong side of the bed and ended up pouring half a gallon of orange juice on top of a bowl of cereal? For some, that is literally every moment of their lives. And nothing captures those moments then very public outbursts about a very made-up news story. Enjoy these thirty people who think the Onion is real:

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Americans Prefer Ahmadinejad

Star Wars Is Real

People Who Think The Onion Is Real

Horse Bites

Gorilla Fight

Unexpected Sex Scene

Bloodiest Black Friday

Tonto Makeup

The Onion Is Real Earl

Thats Ridiculous

What A Liar

Onion Is Real Daniel Day Lewis

Onion Is Real Obama Ran Over Jimmy Carter

People Who Think The Onion Is Real

Onion Is Real

Literally Unbelievable Obamacare

Literally Unbelievable Gorilla Learns About Death

Osama Is Alive Literally Unbelievable

Literally Unbelievable Newt Gingrich Is JK Rowling

Bangladesh Newspaper

Alabama News Anchor

Kissing Checkpoints

Braindead Teen

George RR Martin

Drone Strikes

Literally Unbelievable Onion Article About The Boston Bomber

Frozen Students

Dick Van Dyke Serial Killer

Console Wars

Abortion Plex

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10 Terrifying Two Sentence Horror Stories

Because sleeping with the lights off is completely overrated, take a peak at these ten scary two sentence horror stories:

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Horror Stories Heavy Breathing

Who Said Her Name

The Intruder

What Is The Cat Looking At

Two Sentence Horror Stories Comforting The Baby

Two Sentence Horror Story

The Scratching

Horror Stories The Mirror

Baby Laughter


Two Sentence Horror Stories

Thanks to imgur for the pictures above. And if you enjoyed these two sentence horror stories, be sure to check out our posts on the creepiest GIFs and the scariest GIFs ever!

The Adventures Of Florida Man

In a country of black sheep, Florida is as dark as midnight. From flesh-eating cannibals in Miami to electing George Bush twice, Florida has proven time and again that it’s superhero power is unfathomable stupidity. “Florida Man” encapsulates this unfortunate superpower, where absurd headlines are prefaced with the responsible party identified as “Florida Man”. Enjoy our collection of the most ridiculous accounts of life in Florida with the adventures of Florida Man:

Florida, Where Burglars Stop For A Nap And A Beer

Beer Drinking Burglar

A Collection Of Florida’s Finest

Florida's Finest

Naked Men On The Rampage

Naked Rampage

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Oh, The People You’ll Meet Dating Online

Being single isn’t easy, especially with the rag-tag assortment of humans that seem to populate the online dating pool. From the eye-brow raising to the pure macabre, we take a look at some of the very special people you’ll meet dating online:

The Conspiracy Guy Who Is No Longer A Virgin

The People You Will Meet Dating Online

The Diverse Interest Woman

Dating Online Quite The Range Of Interests

The Buttlust Poet

This Buttlust

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