After a long day of toiling away at work, what better way to relax than a bubble bath in a hot tub in the comfort of your own home? With just a few basic ingredients you can do just that, quickly forgetting all your troubles and maybe even, I don’t know, the last remaining reasons that have been keeping you from just finally going through with it already, because God knows you’ve got the refills to pull it off this time. LOL, what am I talking about?!

To create one of your own, check out these 7 DIY bath recipes to help you relax or, if you’re lucky, maybe even slip away peacefully in… or whatever, haha, what am I even saying?!

1. An Epsom salt bath bomb.

Bath Bomb
Made popular in recent years, you can create your own bath bomb at home with a simple mix of Epsom salt, baking soda, and any essential oils and food coloring of your choosing. You’ll be sure to watch in wonder as your bath bomb dissolves into an array of scents and swirls of color, allowing for even a momentary reprieve from your life, I mean, day.

2. A steamy soak with salts.

Bath Salt
This classic bath recipe is not only an affordable and effective way to help melt those aches and pains plaguing sore muscles, it’s easy too! Simply add one cup of epsom salt to warm water and hop in! The only thing easier than that would be, I don’t know…jumping in front of an oncoming bus or something? Haha, that sure seems like it would be!

3. A fantastic floral fantasy.

Bath Flowers
Ooh la la! For an over-the-top indulgent bath experience that’ll be sure to have you feeling a sensory overload (thank God), filling the tub with fragrant flower petals will have you hashtagging #treatyoself like every other average asshole just trudging their way through the motions or something… LOL! Get some roses.

4. An essential oil overture.

Bath Essential Oils
If you’re looking to transform your humble bathroom into a tranquil retreat, look no further than the healing power of essential oils. With the awakening essence of orange and throat-soothing effervescence of eucalyptus, you can sink deep into those warm waters and imagine you’re somewhere far away, like the dark, unknown space between this existence and whatever’s waiting for us on the other side. Or an Australian beach!

5. A euphoric escape.

Bath Wine
Although not a bath recipe itself, a nice bottle of wine (the kind with the handle) will be sure to take any DIY bubble bath to the next level, especially when paired with one Xanax or two Ambien, depending on the milligrams.

6. A pain-relieving peppermint parade.

Bath Oil
Adding a few drops of peppermint oil will work to provide a cooling analgesic effect on those tight neck and upper back muscles, and can make for an uplifting yet relaxing way to wind down at the end of a long day. While external aches may melt away in this steamy sanctuary, it likely won’t do anything for that deep ache you feel on the inside, the one you can feel tightening in both your heart and your stomach at the same time every time you try to fall asleep, in which case you may want to try a lavender sachet.

7. A not-so-basic bubble bath.

Bath Bubbles
Clean, classic, and always sure to cheer you up, when all else fails, which it feels like it does constantly, just pour some soapy bubbles in that tub and hop on in – you deserve it! And if you want to balance a toaster on the edge and let the chips fall where they may, we’re not judging.

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