Tyrant Of Teenagers: High-Expectations Asian Father

He’s the first-generation immigrant who works 200 hours a week. He hovers over his children 24/7 to ensure they get into the Ivy League (no Brown though, of course). He’s High-Expectations Asian Father, and he isn’t putting up with any hint of failure:

Be Anything You Want Doctor or Engineer

High Expectation  Asian Father Sister At Harvard

High-Expectations Asian Father Meme Play Violin Or Piano

High-Expectations Father Facebook and Study

High Asian Father B-Cup?

High-Expectations Father You Doctor Yet?

High-Expectations Asian Father Meme You in AA?

Asian Father Homework Never Finished

And of course, the classic:

Asian Father Meme Hepatitis A Plus

And the newcomer favorite:

High-Expectations Asian Father A-Bomb In Class

Alec Alec Alec Facebook Alec Twitter Alec Google Plus

Alec is an inadvertently funny guy who likes to take out his piercing inadequacies on the general populace and James Franco.