Coming To A Thread Near You: Spiderman

Is there anything funnier than random captions under ol’ timey Spiderman cartoons? No, which is why you will see this on all of your various internet message boards in the near future:

Spiderman This Isn't My Refrigerator

Spiderman Meme Is High

Spiderman's Archnads

Spiderman Gets Grounded

Spiderman Does The Sky

Spiderman Is Gonna Chill

Spider-man Tickets To The Gun Show

Spiderman Comes Early And Often

Spiderman How Do I Hold These Phones?

Spider-man Captions F The Police

Spiderman Is Employee Of The Year

Spiderman Meme Caption Drives A Car WTF

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Alec is the co-founder of the PBH Network and is on the road to court-mandated recovery after being arrested for defecating in James Franco's koi pond.

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