The Ten Worst Haircuts Ever

We’ll let these terrible haircuts speak for themselves:

Helicopter Hair

The Ten Worst Haircuts Ever Helicopter Hair

Body Hair Hearts

Body Hair Hearts

Fashion Faux Pas

Bad Haircuts Lions Mane

Worst Haircuts Ever: Jolly Rancher Corn Rows

Jolly Rancher Corn Rows

Guinness World Record Holder for Biggest Mullet

Gigantic Mullet Picture

Half-Fro, Half-Corn Rows

Worst Haircuts Ever Half Cornrows Half Fro Picture

Worst Haircuts Ever: Body Hair Jersey

Redneck Body Haircut

Oreo Package Head

Oreo Hair WTF

You Might Grow Up To Be A Redneck If…

Child Mullet Haircut

And the indisputable terrible haircut champion…. Donald Trump

Donald Trump Terrible Hair

Donald Trump Horrible Toupee Hair Picture

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