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35 Hilarious Pictures Of Animals Being Jerks

These animals will stop at nothing to get what they want, even if it means running you over, destroying your house, and ruining your day. Thirty-five absolutely hilarious pictures of animals being jerks:

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Cat Dumps Paint On Baby

Animals Being Jerks Background Poo

Cat Takes Down Christmas Tree

Animals Being Jerks Dog Destroys Pillow

Animals Being Jerks Nice Hat

Animals Being Jerks Cat

Dog Kick

Swans Burn Down Public Gardens

Animals Being Jerks Pictures

Animals Being Jerks Ruined Family Portrait

Trash Can Dog Jerk

Bird Goes Into Chocolate Fountain

Cat Steals Bed Animals Being Jerks

Deer On Keyboard

Dog Breaks Door

Animal Being Jerks Photograph

Dog Eats Diapers

Dog Fails Obedience School

Dog Pressed Against Window

Dog Ruins Family Picture

Dog Sits On Cat

Cat Steals Dog Bed

Dog Takes Poop In Background

Duck Ruins Cement

Fat Cat

Funny Pictures Of Animals Being Jerks

Game Over

Goose Attack


Hey Whatcha Doing

Jerk Seals

Proud Cat Jerk

Raccoon Tries To Eat Girl

Warming Up Your Flip Flops

Animals Being Jerks Featured

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The Best Viral Pictures Of The Week, Volume 4

A questionable child’s sport, cooking bacon with a gun, girls’ butts, testicle festival, the worst fastball ever, and a cat dressed like a horse. You know, just normal internet stuff from this weeks best viral pictures:




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The Bizarrely Awesome Kitten Covers

This is a definite treat for cat and music lovers. New York based artist Alfra Martini came up with a series called Kitten Covers where he re-invents album covers with kittens. We’re pretty sure you’re going to love Kitten Covers:

Eurythmics – Touch

Kitten Inspired Album Art

Village People – Macho Man

Kitten Covers Village People

Depeche Mode – Some Great Reward

Kitten Covers Depeche Mode

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PBH Network’s Weekly Rundown

5. The Best SomeEcards About Drinking and Going Out


Nothing gets a Friday going like a SomeEcard sent to all your Facebook friends.

4. The Best Theories on Everything: Vol 3


The third installment of our best theories on everything series offers up even more doozies for your consumption.

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