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20 Completely Genius Shower Thoughts

The 10 minutes we spend in the shower, uninhibited by the outside world and all of it’s glowing screens, can really catalyze creative thinking. The only problem is that most of those thoughts are lost forever behind the shower curtain. Luckily, some intrepid fellows decided to record the best of their ideas and so we have these genius shower thoughts:

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Apple Juice

Shower Ideas

Shower Thoughts Family Guy

A Ton Of People

If Homer Simpson Were A Congressman

Shower Thoughts Alcohol

Tuna Fish

Katniss And Peeta

Shower Thoughts Hillary Clinton

History Classes

Shower Thoughts New Set of Humans

Japanese Flag Pie Chart

Shower Thoughts Fire

Connected Driveways In North America

Shower Thoughts Dinosaurs

Shower Thoughts Doctors Appointments

Shower Thoughts Fat Chance And Slim Chance

Mashed Potatoes

Biting Down

Shower Thoughts Flying

Thanks to r/ShowerThoughts for the ideas and Mashable for the images.

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The Funniest Troll On The Internet, Ken M

A large part of the internet’s beauty lies in the open exchange of ideas, allowing a broad spectrum of people to communicate freely with one another. Ken M. delights in tearing that fabric apart with a folksy goodness mixed with an unyielding ignorance that immediately engenders an unsuspecting rage in all those that encounter him. And so we present the best interactions of Ken M., the funniest troll on the internet:

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Funniest Ken M Trolls Fossils

Walmart Troll

Lazy Curiosity

Ken M On Humblebragging

Oldest Maps

Orangutan Body

Funniest Troll Ever

Parenting Advice From Ken M

Miley Is Brave

Funniest Troll Grand Study


Police Officer Troll Comments

Little Caesars Facebook Page

Ken M Posts On White Castle

Ken M Trolling On Liberties

Ken M On Sarah Palin

Ken M Lottery

Ken M Chipotle

Irresponsible Republicans

Internet Troll Sharon Stone

Funny Troll Thanksgiving Deserts

Funny Troll Thanksgiving

Funny Troll Han Solo

Funniest Troll Tired All The Time

Authenticate Your Personhood

Funniest Trolls Gay Candidate

Funniest Troll Pope

Funniest Troll NSA

Funniest Troll Ken M

Military Moms

Funniest Troll Grammar Mistakes

Funniest Troll Explains Spaghetti

Funniest Troll Explains Population In Space

Funniest Troll Dog People Versus Cat People

Funniest Troll Applebees

C Sections

Comment Troll

All images via Ken M.’s Tumblr and we highly recommend you follow his Twitter account.

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The 33 Funniest Sexy Selfie Fails

If there is one aspect of technology that has brought out the worst of us in the past decade, it’s the rise of cameras on phones. Nowadays, every event and minute of life must be documented on social networks with self-taken pictures (aka, selfies) used as a vehicle to satiate over-inflated egos. Luckily, this kind of unmitigated narcissism has one big benefit: people are too full of themselves to realize they look like complete idiots and willingly share their moments of failure for the world to see. Lo and behold, the funniest sexy selfie fails of all time:

We Feel Your Pain Kid

Sexy Selfy Fails Mom

Chocolate Rain

Sexy Selfie Fails  Chocolate Sauce

“Grandma, Make Your Sexy Face!!!”

Sexy Selfy Fail

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Meet Ken M, The Internet Troll King

For some, trolling conjures up images of a maladjusted 14 year old hurling curse words anonymously through the internet. But trolling can be much more than petty grievances launched through interspace and Ken M proves how trolling can truly be a art. Commenting on the news of the day with his own brand of eager stupidity and misplaced confidence, Ken M brings a new joy to the world of otherwise mundane internet commenting. And so we present the best of Ken M, the internet troll king:

Hilarious Internet Troll

Master Internet Troll

Time Travel Troll

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