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5. The Best Theories on Everything: Vol 5


Impress your friends at parties! Or impress yourself while you’re alone. Either way, this list is sure to impress.

4. When Alka-Seltzer Is Put In Water In Zero Gravity GIF


When you plop-plop, fizz-fizz in space, no one can hear you.

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PBH Network’s Best Of The Week

5. Best Of The Week: The Best Simpsons GIFs Ever

Best Simpsons GIFs

We found Simpsons GIFs for all seasons and occasions. You are so welcome.

4. The Gay Alert System

Gay Alert Best Of The Week

I wish we were on pink constantly. Imagine how wonderful the world would be… so sparkly.

3. A Vintage Photobomb

Best Of The Week Vintage Photobomb

You gotta wonder who this kid grew up to be.

2. The Contemplative World of the Introspective Pug

Introspective Pug Meme

This  thoughtful little guy is the voice of the entire pug community. Have you been nice to a pug lately?

1. Best Of The Week: Nice Guy Card

The Nice Guy Card

Well done, sir! Maybe nice guys don’t finish last after all.

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Socially Awkward Penguin Goes For A Walk

Social Awkward Penguin GIF

That awkward moment when you try to move out of someone’s way and end up moving directly in their way. [Social Awkward Penguin GIF via LiveMeme]

How To Chug A Beer Like A Pro

How to chug a beer like a pro, aka chugging a gigantic pitcher of beer in 2 seconds flat, like a boss:

How To Chug A Beer Like A Pro GIF

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