Mail Ally

In today’s society, many people seem to think “Postalism” is reserved for postal workers only. I see that as regressive thinking. Anyone can be a Postalist, even those who do not work for the postal service. We still live in a society that demonizes and oppresses postal service workers due to our reliance on E-Mail. It is possible that postal workers will be either obsolete or replaced by robots within the next two decades. Therefore, we all need to pitch in and fight for the cause.

Here are some tips on how to be a good mail ally, while checking your mail privilege:


This one should be obvious because it is literally killing the postal industry. So the next time you need to send a work E-Mail, why not write individual letters to every employee in your company? Instead of sending attachments, try putting everything in a parcel! Stop relying on your e-mail privilege, and start being a better mail ally by investing in our future, and also carrier pigeons. If nothing else, this will dramatically reduce the number of people who cc you on everything.


Postal workers usually deliver the mail in the mid-afternoon during the heat of the day. Why not help them out by going up to them and offer them a nice, refreshing glass of lemonade? You could even go one step further and ask if you could assist in delivering the mail, but they will usually cite bureaucratic rules carefully delineating the terms of their jobs. Just another way that the government keeps postal workers down.


Postal workers spend all their time dealing with other people’s mail. Do you think they ever get sad, and wish that they had mail of their own? Why not brighten up their day by sending them a good old-fashioned handwritten letter in a tightly sealed envelope. Just mark the address as “FOR YOU, MISTER OR MISS POSTAL WORKER” so they’ll know it’s for them.


I know, I know. This sounds ridiculous. How can postal workers do their jobs without a mailbox? Well, mailboxes are cold, impersonal boxes. Fight the box! Get rid of yours, and stand in its place. Hold your arms out wide. When the postal worker comes by with your mail, give them a great, big, bear hug. It will 100% make their day!

With just a few, small changes, you too can become a mail ally. Boxes everywhere thank you for it.

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