It’s June, which means it’s equally likely that it’s miserably hot out and that you’re in an air-conditioned room updating your Facebook. Why not look at some of the best of the PBH Network from this half of the year?

5. Vertical Camping

Best Of The PBH Network Vertical Camping

If you don’t think spending your days and nights with a surplus of bugs and a lack of wifi is enough to qualify as a quality outdoor experience, try camping off a cliff. You might meet your maker, but at least it’ll make a good obituary.

4. The Funniest iPhone Auto-Correct Fails

Autocorrect Fails

Sometimes you don’t even have to be blackout drunk or driving to send a confusing text message. You wanted a burrito but ended up asking for a pickup truck full of Burmese pythons? Blame auto-correct.

3. How To (Sort Of) Prank Your Friends

How To Prank Friends Best Of The PBH Network

If you follow these good natured tips, you’re bound to have a good time. You’re also bound to lose all of your aforementioned friends and/or end up in jail, but hey, at least you won’t have lost any money.

2. Things Much Worse Than Same-Sex Marriage That Are Totally Legal

Worse Than Same Sex Marriage

No, the gaucho pant isn’t on this list, but it should be. Among the list: teen marriage, domestic spying and torture.

1. Best Of The PBH Network: Hilarious Blowdryer Prank

Blow Dryer Prank Best Of The PBH Network

Mainly because we couldn’t leave you without something DYI. It is a recession, after all. Sometimes a little flour and a prissy friend are all we have.

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