Just wanted to check in about it.

There’s been a lot going on, I know. There’s a seriously heated presidential election right now, and I’m pretty sure more black kids just got shot by cops. But yeah, what’s the deal with Bitcoin then? Is it going to be the new system of currency? I’d like to know.

Aleppo is pretty big in the news these days. Seems like a bunch of bad guys are killing children all the time. Just awful. By the way, should I be trading in some of my savings for Bitcoins? Or maybe all of my savings? Actually, is it “Bitcoins,” or is the plural of it also Bitcoin? Y’know, like the word “fish.”

Lots and lots of stuff at the moment, huh? We got drone strikes, oil spills, ZIKA viruses, water shortages, natural disasters, rape on college campuses, prison overcrowding, Hollywood whitewashing, teen suicide, you name it. Meanwhile, I really do need to know: are we completing the transition from paper currency to digital currency? I know we’ve been moving in that direction, but are we going all the way? It just seems like information worth having.

So much happening! Hard to keep track of it all. And I could be wrong, but doesn’t it sort of seem like, as a community, we don’t really care much about actually resolving issues? It’s like, one day, out of nowhere, we all have strong opinions about a certain thing, and then something else pops up, and then we all have strong opinions about that thing, but we never come to any kind of understanding on the original thing, and no one cares, and…hey, are you still reading this? Is anyone reading this? Oh dear, I feel so alone.

Okay, I’m just going to assume that Bitcoin is on.

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