Anyone with half a brain loves BuzzFeed. And anyone with a whole brain loves BuzzFeed at least half as much. We managed to smuggle out a set of original BuzzFeed headlines before they were polished by the site’s fine editorial staff, and now we’re sharing them for the greater hope of a gooder internet. Hover over or tap on the image to reveal the pre-Buzznotized text:

17 Incredible Pictures That Prove All Woman Should Wear A Pile Of Make Up To Be Considered Attractive

How Many Linkbait Quizzes Can I Poop Out?

13 Dating Tips From Someone Who Is On The Internet All Day

Buzzfeed Articles

Jonah Paretti Said I Have To Generate 10 Million Clicks This Month Or They're Sending Me Back To Des Moines

When Will You Realize He's Never Going to Marry You?

Funny Buzzfeed Articles

10 Hyperlocal Reaction Gifs That Are Relevant To 1 Human

Wow, Check Out This Freak

21 Smells To Help You Remember A Time When You Were Truly Alive

What Buzzfeed Articles Should Be Called

How Many Quizzes Do You People Really Need?

Somebody Else's Completely Surreal Photos We Profit Off Of But It's Totally OK Because We Give Them A Tiny Link Under Each Image

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