College Freshwoman, daughter of High-Expectations Asian Father and Sheltering Suburban Mom, and sister and peer of College Freshman, is the epitome of unprepared for life on her own. Full of her parents money and a lifetime of soft-landings and parental supervision, college becomes a day camp for the rich and lazy. And so we present, the College Freshwoman meme:

College Freshwoman Meme Has a Hard Semester Of Classes

College Freshwoman Meme Needs More Money

College Freshwoman Has Parents Call School

College Freshwoman Meme Is A Classy Woman

Freshwoman Meme Complains About Being Tired

Female College Freshman Thinks Guys Are Pigs

College Freshwoman Loves Keg Stands

Freshwoman Meme Thinks She Is A Nerd

College Freshwoman Has 5000 Friends on Facebook

College Freshwoman Spends 300 A Week On Wine and Pedicures

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