Divorce can be hard to explain to children, but it’s incredibly important that they know how much we love them, even as the family unit may be in turmoil. Here are 7 modern nursery rhymes to let your little one know it’s all going to be OK:

Sheep Baah

It’s important for kids to get straightforward facts, but in an age appropriate way.


If he didn’t want the kids to know about his little mocha Frappucino, he probably should have thought about that before ordering it every Thursday and sometimes Saturday too.


Guess the possibility of fucking someone who thinks Zales is the zenith of luxury was just too good to pass up!


Kayla is 22 and attending Phoenix Online, but the family she babysits for seems to think she’s very mature for her age.

The Holidays

I matched with Rick’s old boss when I was taking some tub time with a Xanax and a box of Cab Franc, so maybe we’ll see how far we can take it with Mr. Soares, won’t we now?


I’m just really grateful my mom is here to be supportive and remind me seven times a day that she never thought Rick was good enough for me but if I wanted to be an idiot, it was my life to ruin.


Get ready to have a screaming toddler at your college graduations, kids – don’t worry, you’re not in any way being replaced.

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