Dorm Bedding

While helping her daughter Emily shop for her first semester away at college, local mom Elizabeth Shell reportedly found some adorable bedding for the 18-year-old’s dorm room, blissfully unaware of all the wild banging soon to occur on the patterned sheets, comforter, and at least one pillow, probably.

The floral print in question, part of a 16-piece twin-sized dorm set, will likely bear the brunt of many nights of sweaty and mediocre sexual activity with strapping frat boys, a couple from the bar, and at least a few evenings with her new roommate, Jess.

“This pattern is so pretty and matches the towels she picked out for her bathroom, plus it’s reversible,” Elizabeth stated. “Just picturing her all snuggled up with her stuffed elephant in her new college dorm room is about to make me cry!”

The mother of two, nervously anticipating her eldest child’s departure for the past several months, has been channeling those feelings into helping her daughter decorate her new room.

“Well, I can remember my first semester and all the fun us girls used to have, giggling about this and that and sometimes staying up until midnight,” she said. “I just want her to have fun while she’s there studying. We’re so proud of our little angel!”

As the oldest child, Emily expected that her mother would be emotional while shopping for her first year away, and has been dropping hints that she is ready to break free.

“I picked out some satin sheets that I like and told her they fit more of the look I was going for, but she didn’t seem to get it,” Emily said. “I’ll probably just exchange these for something a little sexier once I get up to school. I’m gonna need something a bit more durable, if you know what I mean.”

The mother-daughter duo’s shopping trip is expected to last for at least two more hours as they shop for furniture and other necessities for Emily’s dorm room.

“After this aisle, we’ll take a look at the desks,” Elizabeth explained. “Emily has always been so studious, I know she wants a special desk so she can really focus on her academics.”

Of the desk in question, Emily agreed.

“I just want something spacious to working on my design projects but that’s also sturdy enough for me to really get nailed good on,” she said.

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