It’s the same, mundane routine each morning — wake up to the assaulting blare of your alarm at 6:45 AM, half-heartedly put on your nicest groutfit, and head out the door to Genericname High School’s infamous Chemistry 101 class. Oh, and your teacher arrives in a Big Bird costume. These days, anything goes in class; check out these forty-five inexplicable classroom antics:

Funny Classroom Photos: A true academic:

Funny Classroom Photos Danny Devito

I guess he also gets carte blanche access to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe:

Mr Rogers

So flippin’ annoying:

All Darn Day

Don’t let the machines win:

Self Aware Mac

Off to the great Quirky Science Classroom in the sky:

Funny Classroom Farewell

This is the portrait of a woman who has fully realized her truth:

Spicy Mustard

This is why children should not be given an allowance:


3/10 would not pun:

Would Bang

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