Everyone has had a Facebook fail that makes them want to tuck their tail between their legs: the misplacement of a comma that now implies you’re a sexual deviant, the time when you compose a snarky status about a fellow restaurant patron and they see it… and respond. They’re all here and they’re all absolutely wonderful with these glorious Facebook fails:

Remember: Commas Are Important

Facebook Fails Important Commas

Facebook is not the place to tell someone they are your ‘baby daddy’

Glorious Facebook Fails Pregnancy

Losing face on Facebook

Facebook Fail Loosing Face

Glorious Facebook Fails: Hipsters Hating Hipsters

Glorious Facebook Fails Hipsters Hating Hipsters

A glorious Facebook gay marriage call-out

Facebook Gay Marriage

Facebook Fail Frenemy

Mick Jagger Facebook Fail

Mick Jagger Facebook

Cataclysmic Ex-girlfriend Facebook Fail

Glorious Facebook Fails Ex-Girlfriend

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