This must have taken a lot of dedication:

Stormtroopers Take A Break Photograph
Stormtrooper Break Dancing Picture

Stormtroopers Feed A Furry

Imperial Stormtroopers Pin Head

Storm Troopers Keep Away Helmet

Imperial Stormtrooper Hot Dog

Imperial Stormtroopers and Wall-E

Stormtroopers Play Guitar Hero Picture

Stormtroopers Drug Piglet

Stormtroopers Bungee Cord Photo

Stormtroopers Send An Email To Rebels

Imperial Stormtroopers Feed Pigeons

Storm Trooper Noodle Soup

Star Wars Storm Trooper Hot Tub

Star Wars Bath Photo

Storm Troopers Go Fishing Pic

Stormtroopers at the Beach Humor

Stormtroopers TP

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