The rage comic has come a long way. Once just four panels on the annoyances of everyday life, you’ll now find rage comics about marijuana to the troll dad. Sometimes though, simplicity is the key to humor, and so we present thirteen hilarious classic rage comics:

Classic Rage Comics: Butter On Toast Rage

Classic Rage Comics Butter On Toast Rage

Camp Fire Rage

Classic Rage Comics Camp Fire Rage

1990s CD Burning Rage

Rage Comics 1990s CD Burning Rage

Classic Rage Comics: Chop Sticks Rage

Classic Rage Comics Chop Sticks Rage

Deodorant Rage

Rage Comics Deodorant Rage

Foldable Instructions Rage

Four Panel Rage Comic Foldable Instructions Rage

Matches Rage

Classic Rage Cartoons Matches Rage

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