Nasty Women Guy

For some reason, everyone is talking about nasty women these days, and what do I say? It’s about time, bruh.

The nastier the better bruh. Honestly. I’m being dead honest with you right now bruh.

Honestly bruh what is it about nasty women? I mean c’mon. When the chicks get nasty I fall in love. No joke bruh. Head over god damn heels.

The age of the good girl is totally in the past, man. Haven’t you seen the social media? It’s totally abuzz. It’s all about the nasty women these days. Finally!

Last year, I was with this chick for a while… Such a nasty woman, bruh! Nothing was off limits. I mean nothing.

I think I loved her.

I once met a woman who was SO nasty that — sorry, what was that, bruh? No, dude, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, I’m sorry. I don’t know man, I guess I didn’t ask you how your day was because I assumed if there was something you wanted to talk about you would bring it up yourself. But I understand what you mean about this conversation being one-sided.

I really value your friendship, bruh — I wouldn’t want to do anything to jeopardize that.

Dude, honestly? It’s been a rough time ever since I split with that one super-nasty woman I mentioned a minute ago. When I was with her I felt so fulfilled, y’know? And now, I feel so…I dunno, bruh.




Right on, bruh, well said!


You’re right bruh. If I play my cards right, and keep following my path, someday I’ll meet the woman for me. And she might be nasty, and she might not be. She’ll be herself — whoever that is. And it shouldn’t be my prerogative to expect her to be anything other that. And in the meantime, I should just focus on me.

But honestly bruh? I hope she’s into some real kinky shit. Sexually speaking is what I mean.

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