While pugs are overwhelmingly cute, they do have a reputation for being a bit, well… dumb. But the Introspective Pug is changing that reputation, as he stares out the car window and ponders about his flat-faced existence. And so we present the Introspective Pug meme [images via QuickMeme, Reddit Advice Animals, and… us!]:

Introspective Pug Tennis Ball

Introspective Pug Meme Car Ride Neutering

Pug Meme So Ugly It's Cute

Pug Girlfriend Smelling Other Butts

Pug Meme Pug Life

Pug Peanut Butter Game

Introspective Meme Not A Good Boy

Introspective Pugs Meme Flat Nose

Pugs Meme Stick

Pug Meme Loved Me

Pug Eat Your Homework

Pug Meme Hopes They Grow Back

Pug Smell Her Ass

Pug Who Is A Good Boy

Pug Meme Closet Poop

Pug Tail

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