On Friday nights, all my single girlfriends head out to the bar to dance and drink while I stay home with my billionaire husband Craig. I can’t help but miss the excitement of my pre-marriage life: pulling an outfit out of the dirty laundry bin, scraping together a few dollars from the bottom of my purse, and heading out into the night, ready for whatever came my way.

I never knew who I was going to meet or where I would end up! Now, night after night it’s the same: caviar and champagne enjoyed atop our silk sheets. Dull, I know.

Craig and I often discuss the downsides of domestic life as we sit on our patio overlooking the mountains. There are floors to mop, sheets to wash, dishes to do, and that’s just the work of our in-house maid! This gold-picket fence lifestyle requires a lot of maintenance, believe me. Even though it’s not the life I expected, I try to focus on being thankful for what I have while taking laps in my Olympic-sized pool, or watching my personal cook make dinner.

Sometimes we have friends over for a small party. They’re usually Craig’s co-workers who greet us with the typical bottle of imported Parisian wine. Sometimes I can’t help but yawn as we sit down to a game of poker ($10,000 buy-in), played in the salon on our custom Mahogany poker table. The night only gets interesting if someone drinks one too many glasses of Pappy Van Winkle, or bids the family summer home on a hand!

We’re actually planning on having children in the next few years and I can imagine that will slow things down even more. I’ll have to hire a full-time nanny and God knows how long it takes to find good help! Then comes researching the best pre-school, then private school, private aftercare, and summer camps. Hours of work to make sure my child is constantly being cared for by someone else and I can maintain my carefree lifestyle. Booooring!

This all being said, I understand how lucky I am. I’m married to the most amazing man who owns the most amazing Fortune 500 company. I have what every woman dreams of: a perfect husband with an even more perfect life insurance policy.

The days of watching movies in our personal theater and getting massages personal massage parlor may get repetitive, but everything I do, I get to do with him. Our love and his riches are more than enough to make up for the tedious luxury that is my life.

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