November Already

Surprised that it’s November already? Don’t be. As you get older, life will pass you by faster and faster.

It’s simple science. The longer you live, the shorter a month will seem. This is because each successive month represents a smaller percentage of your life in total. Get it?

Remember when you were a kid and you did something bad and you got sent to your room for 5 minutes? That 5 minutes felt like an eternity when you had been on Earth for less than a decade, didn’t it? Now that you’re older and (hopefully) wiser, I bet 5 minutes feels a whole lot shorter than it did then, huh?

Wow, this whole year sure is going fast, isn’t it? Better get used to that feeling, because if you expect to at some point experience a year that seems to go slower than this current one, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. In fact, it stands to reason that the “shortest” year of your life will also be the last year of your life. Isn’t that refreshing to hear?

Do you ever sit by yourself, late at night, and get the notion that your life is passing you by faster than you’d ever expected it to? And do you ever feel like you’re utterly incapable of stopping this notion? If so, good. You have been paying attention.

Time is a difficult concept, one that is all too complex and mysterious for your simple human mind. You can attempt to get a real grasp on it, but you will fail. But it’s okay! No one’s going to stop you from living a meaningful life. As incomprehensible as the concept of time is, just as incomprehensible is the amount of beauty in this world, and what’s more, you have the opportunity to make it just a little bit more beautiful every single day. And while life may seem to go faster and faster as you move forward, just always remember: you will die.

Okay, there. Don’t you feel better? :)

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