Oh Sheltering Suburban Mom, you are the staple of the suburban neighborhood. You’ve spent your life in the same podunk suburban county, absorbing every fear-mongering story hyped in the news and dispensing condescending advice while becoming an obvious hypocrite to everyone but yourself. And so we present to you the grand finale of the Sheltering Suburban Mom meme:

Sheltering Suburban Mom Texts While Driving

Sheltering Mom Meme Buys Juicy Pants For Daughter

Suburban Mom Blames You For Computer Virus

Sheltering Suburban Mom Hires A Housekeeper

Suburban Mom Ignores The bible

Suburban Mom Meme Puts Her Kids In Beauty Pageants

Sheltering Suburban Meme Hates Gays And Loves Ellen

Suburban Mom Meme Sees A Gang

Sheltering Mom Meme Has A Bully Son

Suburban Mom Yells At Teacher For Kids Grades

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