It’s hot outside. Too hot. So hot that being on a computer for too long is excruciating. We get that. So here’s a condensed version of all the best stuff from this week. Read it while eating a popsicle.

5. Best Of PBH: The Most Iconic Images of the 90’s

Iconic Images of The 1990s

The 90’s were an interesting time to be alive, and we are sure this collection of images will bring back some memories of times gone by.

4. One Parrot, One Drowing Pool

This parrot had me giggling all week. If you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest you watch it. Right now.

3. Viva La Tea Party!

You can help but shake your head at these folks, but we’re still not sure how to get rid of that horrible sinking feeling in your stomach.

2. Best Of PBH: 13 Hilarious Classic Rage Comics

Classic Rage Comics Best Of PBH

Rage Comics have given us an outlet for the everyday things that make us just want to scream. These are some of the ragetoons that are now considered “classic.”

1. Spidey Wants to Be an Avenger

Spidey Joins The Avengers

In lieu of the new Spiderman flick opening this week, here’s a joke at poor Peter’s expense.

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