So you’re trying to live a healthy and righteous life, guided by an invisible superhero in outer space. Turns out God doesn’t like a lot of the things you’re doing because he set up the world to be one sinful pit fall after another. And so we present the Epic Troll God meme:

Epic Troll God Conditional Unconditional Love

Epic Troll God Meme Forbidden Delicious Pork

Troll God Unfree Free Will

Troll God Meme Creates Homosexuals

Troll God Impregnates Mary

Epic Troll God Hates Science

Epic Troll God Cannot Help Libya

Troll God Sends You To Hell

Troll God Meme Forbids Sex

Troll God Meme Promises A Messiah

Troll God God Delusion

God Troll Meme Makes Rebecca Black

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