Wife Podcast

Since the dawn of human sexuality, sexual fetishes have evolved from their humble origins into the most particular of niche urges. Some people like participating in classic BDSM, rubbing geometric objects with their noses, or wearing multicolored anthropomorphic cartoon animal suits.

To me, those are pretty tame. Why? Because my twisted fetish is watching my wife do a podcast with another man.

It started in 2005 when I produced the first episode of “Greg’s History” – a podcast rooted in the experiences of all men named Greg (my name). It was then that I first discovered my sexual attraction to podcasts. The microphones, the headphones, the table, the wires, the platitude-laced dialogue delivered with grandiose bravado – all of it ignites in me a sexual ecstasy. But I wanted more, so I came up with a sick idea: what if let another man interview my wife for his podcast and I watched it all happen?

A successful relationship is built on transparency and I knew I had to confess my desires to my wife Veronica, or else I’d be secretly harboring a wish that – without its fulfillment – would leave me irritable and repressed. Luckily, Veronica was and always has been game for my quirks and she was eager to satiate my thirsts. I afford her the same acceptance by listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast. Veronica is a sadist, so my pain brings her great joy.

To date, Veronica has been interviewed by over 1,001 men, all while I watched from no more than three feet away on my portable leather couch. From podcasts about opium wars, to French science fiction, to flat-Earthers, I’ve taken an intense delight in witnessing my wife engage in every discussion. I especially love egging her on to go deeper and deeper into the dialogue, prodding the men into questioning their own views, hard. God, she voices her opinions so hot.

One time, my wife was interviewed by three men at once and I almost died of pleasure.

Most people don’t understand or support my fetish and some even insult me for it. Ultimately, I donโ€™t care what other people think. And why should I? If you think about it, no one should be ashamed of their sexual quirks because so many people participate in fetishes that it renders them all as commonplace as missionary. And besides, I’m the only one who has sex with my wife, besides our gimp.

Weโ€™re pretty vanilla in that regard.

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