The Best Of Overly Honest Methods

Behind the goggles and the lab coats, scientists are just like you and me. And by just like you and me, I mean prone to do things the easiest and laziest way possible. Overly Honest Methods is a Twitter trend that highlights what happens when the scientific method and the sheer laziness of humans collide. And so we present the best of the Overly Honest Methods meme:

Overly Honest Methods Sampling Locations Tropical Locations

Science To Tom Petty

Smaller Sample Size To Graduate

Samples Incubate At A Border

Reviewer 1 Sucks

Overly Honest Methods Meme Experiment Times

Honest Methods Doctor Went To A Bakery

PCR Reactions


Alec is an inadvertently funny guy who likes to take out his piercing inadequacies on the general populace and James Franco.

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