45 Of The Funniest Jennifer Lawrence Moments Ever

Being a fan of Jennifer Lawrence isn’t exactly hard. Not only is she a talented actress and gorgeous to boot, she also seems to have an amazing sense of humor about all aspects life (including herself). For your enjoyment, we compiled the GIFs and pictures from forty-five of the funniest Jennifer Lawrence moments ever:

Her Hilarious Love For Glass Doors

JLaw Loves Glass Doors

Her Bitter Food-Related Disappointment

It's Just Words Funny JLaw Moments

JLaw Explains How She Learned To Act

How Jennifer Lawrence Learned To Act

The Best Part Of Her Day

Jennifer Lawrence Finds Mentos

When She Rips Zach Galifianakis A New One

Jennifer Lawrence On Between Two Ferns

When She Explained Her Dress

Funniest Jennifer Lawrence Moments Explains Her Dress

When She Fends Off The Paparazzi

Funniest Jennifer Lawrence Moments They Are Just Boobs

Funniest Jennifer Lawrence Moments: She Wants Fries

Funniest Jennifer Lawrence GIFs Fries

After She Goofed Up Her Line At The GLAAD Awards

Jennifer Lawrence Messes Up Her Line

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