The Most Outrageous Kony Memes

The humanitarian group Invisible Children’s latest efforts to combat Joseph Kony have certainly been contentious: with every ‘clicktivist’s’ Facebook post about ending the LRA there’s been an equally emblazoned and critical retort. As the truth seems a bit cloudy right now, we’ll hold our judgment and let them duke it out. In the meantime, here are some of the most outrageous Kony memes:

Kony Memes 1986

Condescending Wonka On Kony

Kony Memes Youtube Users

One Does Not Simply Kony Meme

Forest Gump On Kony

Success Kid Meme On Kony

Kony Memes Fix Africa With One Click

Not With Kony

Facebook Girl On Kony

Kony Change Your Status Status

Kony Meme Caring

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