The Rural Rube: Redneck Randal Meme

Confined to the backwoods of America, Redneck Randal is the pleasant peasant who just doesn’t know any better than his backward ways. With his good-nature yet outdated views and habits, Redneck Randal is the kind of guy who makes you reconsider nature versus nurture. And so Runt of the Web presents the Redneck Randal meme:

Redneck Randal Meme Family Reunion

Redneck Randal Learns USA

Randal Meme Wardrobe By Scissors

Redneck Randal Meme Gets His Sister

Redneck Randal Cannot Speak English

Redneck Randal Domestic Violence and Beer

Redneck Randal Meme Occupy Walmart

Randal Meme Yard Couches

Redneck Meme Sister

Redneck Meme WWE As Foreplay

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Alec is the co-founder of the PBH Network and is on the road to court-mandated recovery after being arrested for defecating in James Franco's koi pond.

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