The Best Of The Hilarious Shibe Meme

What happens when you take adorable pictures of Shiba Inus and overlay them with randomized internal thoughts expressed in Comic Sans? The kind-of bizarre, completely hilarious Shibe Meme. Inspired by Shiba Confessions, the Shibe meme took on it’s own life to the point where we can present to you the best of the Shibe Meme:

Shibe Meme Bath

Shibe Art

Shiba Inu Meme Backwards Hat

Shiba Inus Memes Alone

Shiba Meme Blazed

Shiba Inu Cake

Shibe Computer Science

Shibe Meme Face

Shiba Inu Family

Shiba Inu Hat

Shiba Inu Puppy

Shiba Inu Meme Hollywood

Shiba Confessions Internet

Shiba Inu Confessions Learning

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Alec is the co-founder of the PBH Network and is on the road to court-mandated recovery after being arrested for defecating in James Franco's koi pond.

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