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The Internet’s Weirdest Comic: Dolan

As we’ve investigated in a previous post, Dolan is one of the weirdest memes on the internet but is fast becoming one of our favorites. Here are 13 more hilariously weird Dolan comics for your amusement:

Dolan Comic New Jersey

Dolan Comic Gooby Sweater

Dolan Comic Le Dolan

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The Ten Most Hilarious Rage Comics Ever

Some of the best things in life come in 10′s: the number of dimes in a dollar, commandments, digits in a phone number and hot dog buns in a single package. Now add to that list the ideal number of rage comics for you to laugh at:

Trolling Parents

Hilarious Rage Comics Trolling Parents

Synonym Of Synonym?!

Synonym of Synonyms Comic

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The Funniest Troll Dad Rage Comics

Oh, the Troll Dad. As previously explored on ROTW, Troll Dad is the dad you love to hate (or in this case, hate to love). He’s conniving, wily, and worst of all, great at making you look like a complete ass. In celebration, here are the funniest troll dad rage comics:

Troll Dad points out the obvious

Troll Dad Trolls Mom

Troll Dad’s secret

Troll Dad Rage Comics

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The Internet’s Weirdest New Meme: The Dolan Comic Meme

Never underestimate the weirdness of the internet hivemind. Conceived of by an autistic cartoonist and soon hijacked by 4Chan and the loveable losers of Reddit, Dolan comics are the anti-humor of the utter bizarre. And so we present the awkwardly funny unfunniness of the Dolan comic meme:

Dolan Makes A Delicious Steak

Dolan Comic Meme Dolan Cooks Clarebell

Dolan Knows Toasters

Dolan Toaster Cartoon

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