20 Terribly Named Food Products

Because sometimes things get lost in translation, like why you wouldn’t want to eat something named ‘Poo’, we present our favorite 20 terribly named food products:

Terrible Food Names Terror

So Gay Water

Homo Milk

Terribly Named Food Products Poo

Puke Food

Terribly Named Food Products Crunky Nude Balls

Creme Betweens Food

Negrito Food

LOL White American Food Product


WTF Homo Sausage

Fish Balls

Fagottini Terrible Named Food

Dick Sticks Food Product

Dickmanns Food

Creme Collon

Dasses Food

Terribly Named Food Products Macaroni Cock

Terrible Food Products Cheese Crack

Cemen Dip Food Product

All above images via this hilarious imgur gallery of terrible food names.

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