The Hypocritical World Of Hipster Barista

Ah, the Hipster Barista, a constant fixture of contemporary life in the local coffee shop. A close relative of Hipster Cat, the tattooed suburbanite that despite a life in the service industry, makes sure to tell you that you’re the sell-out wage slave. And so the Hipster Barista meme was born:

Hipster Barista Draws Faces On Latte Foam

Coffee Shop Barista Wears Armani

Barista Meme Looks Up To Che

Barista Likes A Cold Chest

Barista Confronts Society With Coffee Art

Hipster Hates Corporations and Loves iPads

Barista Hates Groupon

Hipster Meme Majored In Medieval Literature

Hipster Meme Rolls Tobacco Like A European

Vegan with a Leather Belt

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Alec is an inadvertently funny guy who likes to take out his piercing inadequacies on the general populace and James Franco.