The importance of eyebrows, a bizarre and possibly untrue story of love found via, turtles caught in the act, what to do when your dog eats a whole tube of Vaseline, and more in this edition of Best Viral Pictures of the Week:

The Best Viral Pictures Of The Week


Coat With Eggs

Savage, but delicious.

Why Eyebrows Are Important

We get the feeling that the picture of Angelina would be pretty scary even with eyebrows.

Viral Pictures Of The Week Barracuda

Frugal fishing protip: Use your daughter as bait.

Naan Face

“I’m not an animal!”

George Carlin On Stupid People

George Carlin was a very wise man.

Colored Chickens

The dye comes off as the chick sheds its downy feathers.

Delete My Browser History

…And my Facebook, too.

Crazy Dogs Viral Pictures Of The Week

Oh no you didn’t.

Fixing Internet For Family

Every. Time.

Hidden Lion

There will be no juicy filling for this lion.

Love On Imugur

Real? Fake? Twizzlers?

One Beer A Day

Bucket list.

One Sad Looking Dog

It’s Paris Hilton! It’s Lady Gaga! It’s a really depressed dog!

Pregnant Again

No one is surprised.

Rower & Duck Family

Everyone has time for a little cute.

Giant Leaf Used As Umbrella

My Neighbor Totorro, anyone?

Viral Pictures Of The Week Pug Shaming

Vaseline dispenser.

Volcano From Outer Space

The view of a volcano erupting from outer space.

Funny Kid Note Viral Pictures Of The Week

The kid is a realist.

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