Whether you’re moving into your freshman dorm or sharing a sweet off-campus house with six of your friends for your last semester together, everyone knows that partying is as much a part of the college experience as is occasionally attending class. You’ll likely find yourself with dudes who really want to make sure you’re drinking and having fun, but if you and your roommates ever get tired of same old kegger with chips and loud music, try one of these fun theme parties that will get so crazy you’ll want to be sure you don’t take your eyes off your drink even for a second!

1. ’80s rager.

Sick of lame parties? Throw your own 80’s rager! Your guests will have a blast singing along to songs that came out way before they were born while destroying the house your parents are paying for. Just don’t think for a second that your BFF Paul isn’t gonna try some “nice guy” Jon Cryer shit, so keep your eyes on your drink!
(*Bonus fashion point: with your hair pulled into a side ponytail you’ll decrease the chances of vomiting in it later that evening. Tubular!)



2. Nerd party.

Tape up your glasses, hike up your pants, and be prepared to dodge some shifty-ass dudes while playing Trivial Pursuit, or whatever shit nerds do! You and your guests will have a blast channeling your inner Poindexters, but once Chad gets 7 beers in him, watch out! And by “watch out” we mean, “under no circumstances should you take your eyes off your drink or be left alone with this ticking rape culture bomb.”


3. PJ party.

Sometimes, a good dress-up theme requires little to no dressing at all! Your guests will be comfy in their jammies, especially that guy who sleeps in his skivvies, so get ready for this to get sloppy real quick. It won’t take long for that townie kid to start feeding you drinks and untying your bathrobe, so double knot it for extra protection and to look as sloppy as possible. Not that it matters – dude is totally gonna try to fuck you, Tweety Bird PJs and all, so just maybe pace yourself with some water every once in a while?


4. Literary theme.

Combining the intellectual with the alcoholic, a literary theme will help you determine if that cutie from Bio who showed up as The Cat in the Hat has ever actually read a book. When that older guy starts babbling about Bukowski while simultaneously insisting on feeding you shots, stand your ground, adjust your Babysitter’s Club glasses, and show that guy the door.


5. Dynamic duos.

You and your bestie can show everyone at the beer pong table what’s up as badass duo Thelma and Louise! Just don’t forget how Louise had to fuck up that guy who tried to get handsy with Thelma in the parking lot, so be prepared to do the same to that guy who offering jello shots every time she says she needs to eat something. Keep watch on each other’s drinks while a bunch of bros dressed as Batman and Robin try to rub their basic frat boy peen against you.


6. ’80s party again, seriously, we cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your shit together at one of these.

Please, for the love of all that is holy and good, keep your shit together enough to carry your drink with you at any and every ’80s party you attend throughout college and for the rest of your life. It doesn’t matter that this one is “outside” or “at 2 pm” or “is technically a 5K walk/run to raise awareness for MS,” keep an eye on that drink! Because when it comes down to his word against yours, those photos of your exposed shoulder will be all anyone talks about.


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