Sex Dream

After months of failed auditions, part-time waitress and full-time aspiring actress Nicole Wilson landed the starring role in her co-worker Todd’s recurring sex dream.

According to a confirmed source, the 22-year-old plays Thunderbra, a three-breasted warrior queen who slays entire armies and frequently rubs lotion all over her own strong yet supple body. Todd co-stars as a time-traveling commando who mows down orcs with his machine gun and seduces Thunderbra with nothing more than his overwhelming sexual prowess.

Wilson faced stiff competition for the role from the girl who works at the Gap most weekends, and Todd’s best friend’s mom.

Her exceptional talents, which include an uncanny ability to stay friendly and chipper as creepy middle-aged customers hit on her, and her capability for stretching over Todd to grab things from the top shelf, demonstrated both her finely-tuned acting skills and the physical flexibility needed to ride a giant flying eel while wielding a battle ax.

Additionally, Wilson’s polite hellos to Todd at the start of every shift proved her determination to play the busty, bearskin-clad warrior woman making love to his commando in the middle of a battle-scarred wasteland as dragon fire burned around them, giving her an edge over her fellow competitors.

Two other waitresses, Pam and Debbie, will make guest appearances as slaves who bathe Thunderbra and have sexy pillow fights.

At press time, Wilson was averaging about one appearance per week in her role as Thunderbra, though it remains unclear just how long the waitress/actress will be playing the part. Sources speculate that her run will last at least until she quits her waitressing job or stops wearing low-cut blouses to work, at which point Todd’s art teacher from elementary school, Miss Becky, is expected to reprise the role.

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