According to one high school, the days of tight ties, stiff hair, and wearing your Sunday best to school picture day are over! The senior class at North Farmington High School kicked off the year of last hurrahs by dressing as their favorite meme or celebrity for their ID pictures, and the results are these thirty-six hilarious photos:

Let’s hope these two don’t take quite as long to start dating as Pam and Jim did:

Pam And Jim

Looks like the charm bomb exploded:

Tina Belcher

This senior ID could probably get him into a bar before McLovin’s ID would:


Doesn’t count if she can’t do the accent:

Finding Nemo

Truly the best part from We’re The Millers:

No Ragrets

This kid is a lot better looking than Macaulay Culkin was at 18:

Home Alone

If you didn’t get Kenny G to follow you around with a sax all day what are you even doing:

Katy Perry

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