Long Homeschool Hair

Growing out your hair takes a lot of time and patience, but there are a few things you can do to help the process along. Add a few of these tips into your routine and your locks will be so long people will think you were homeschooled.

1. Get your hair trimmed regularly

This one seems a bit contradictory, why would you cut your hair if you want it to grow longer than your waist? The answer is that cutting your hair regularly keeps the ends healthy, preventing damage. Head to the salon about once every six weeks and you’ll be on your way to hair so long people will say, “Wow, she wasn’t socialized properly as a child.”

2. Don’t shampoo every time

Shampoo is important for keeping your hair clean and preventing it from looking greasy, but it also strips the hair of nourishing oils. Limit the times you shampoo to a few times a week, and we guarantee people will just assume you never went to prom!

3. Eat a healthy diet

Fruits and vegetables aren’t just good for your body, they are also good for keeping your hair strong and vibrant. By incorporating good fats, whole grains, and leafy grains into your meals, your hair could get so long that strangers will think, “that person probably had a weird sexual encounter with one of their seven brothers at some point.”

4. Apply a weekly treatment

A weekly mask or oil treatment is a great way to strengthen your hair, as well as pamper yourself. Pamper yourself a little, and people will start asking if you at any point won the National Spelling Bee as a child.

5. Take vitamin supplements

Sometimes the vitamins from food aren’t enough, so supplement that with a daily pill. Ensuring you are getting plenty of vitamins will help your hair grow long enough that people will assume you speak Mandarin or play the harp – or both!

6. Don’t apply heat

It’s tempting to straighten or curl your hair with heated tools, but this severely damages the strands. Applying heat to your hair increases the chances of breakage which may mean you have to cut your locks.

Stay away from the blow dryer, and your hair will look so healthy, your friends will ask you if you’ve been promised to anyone in marriage.

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